Additional Packages And Services

*the final price is based on the size and condition of the vehicle*

Additional Services


Window Coating

  • Strengths the glass by 30%
  • Comes with a 3 or 5 year warranty
  • Warranty can pay for rock multiple chip repairs, or even replacement & calibration of the windshield
  • Makes the water bead right off and not stick to the glass blocking your view.
  • Makes glass easier to clean
  • Increased visibility during inclement condition
  • Appears on CarFax Report
  • free maintenance solution sent to you.
  • Blog post here with more info

See the 3-year Warranty Here

See the 5-year Warranty Here

Windshield staring at $350-400* (3-year)


*Price higher for Luxury vehicles or ones that cost over $100,000


Interior Ceramic Coating

  • Protects fabrics from food & drink stains, juice, bleach, winter road salt, dyes, UV rays, mold, mildew, discoloration, and rips less then 1-inch, and burns less then 1/4 diameter.
  • Protects leather and vinyl against fading, discoloration cracking of dash, rips & tears of less then 1inch
  • Legally Backed third party warranty, Only one in U.S.


Click here to Read the Owners Pride Interior Coating Warranty

*Interior Detail must be Purchased first depending on soil level

*Car model must be 6years or newer to be eligible for warranty

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Smoke Odor Removal/ Ozone Treatment

  • Get rid of heavy smoke Odor Removal with an Ozone treatment.
  • Ozone or O3 also kills bacteria and viruses
  • 40 min treatment for most vehicles.

    *Interior should be detailed and shampooed to help insure full smoke odor removal

Add on $65

Sioux City Auto Detailing 2.jpg

Engine Detail

  • Wash and degrease of engine surface*
  • Plastic services dressed
  • Paint surfaces wax
  • *We only scrub as far as we feel comfortable, for engine safety*

Add On $65

Sioux City Auto Detailing 16.jpg

Headlight Restoration

  • Headlights are wet sanded and polished to restore clarity
  • A UV protective coating that is made to bond to plastic headlights is applied
  • Increase visibility and safety at Night

Starting at $99

Sioux City trim restoration

Trim Restoration

  • Faded trim is treated with a solution that will restore and not dress the trim for long lasting results
  • Last 12-months Plus!

Water Spot Removal

  • Must purchase Exterior Feature package
  • Removes the minerals that cause water spots

Starting at $50-$100 Size depending

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Scott Guard Treatment

  • Carpets and Mats get treated with Scotts Guard provide protection from stains and keep the freshly cleaned fabrics cleaner longer.
  • 2-layers applied

Add on $45

What is a Mobile Service?

It means we come to your home or work

No waiting in a waiting room, No Drop off

Still professional results

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