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New Ceramic Coating Options in Sioux City!!

We are excited to announce we are expanding our ceramic coating options!

We have been using Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating for our 1 year and 7-year coating. Now we are offing a 3 year coating and 5 year coating!

What makes OP coatings stand out compared to others on the market?

The biggest difference is when Owner’s Pride Coating comes with the only legally complaint third-party warranty! So if you need to make a claim, you just call a 1-800 number and they will pay to get it fixed. Most warranties are only good through whoever applied the coating. So if something happens to them, the warranty is worthless. With Owner’s Pride, if something happens to us at Strong Auto Detail, or you or I move, Your Still Covered in all of the US and Canada.

The warranty is also transferable to the next owner! If you sell your vehicle, the rest of the warranty period can be transferred to the buyer (with a small fee on them). Along with the warranty, you still get the great protection that comes with a ceramic coating!!

Our 1,3,5, & 7 year protects from, UV ray protection from the sun and loss of gloss. Great Chemical resistant from stuff like bug guts, bird droppings, tree sap, ocean spray, winter road salt, fuel satins, acid rain, hard water spots, brake & rail dust, and paint over spray! Being Sioux City is in the upper Midwest, we get it all, from snow to 100 degree weather.

Our 1 year coating protects from weather-induced fading, chalking, or loss of gloss!

All 4 add depth of shine and gloss, and make the vehicle just easier to wash, which is everyone's favorite feature.

If you like a closer look at the warranty for our coatings, I have them link right below.

1-Year warranty

3-Year warranty

5-Year warranty

7-Year warranty