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In the world of automotive care, innovation has been causing a buzz and garnering glowing reviews: ceramic coating. But here's the twist – it's not just for brand-new cars fresh off the showroom floor. Ceramic coating is a game-changer you should consider whether you're driving a "New-to-You," a beloved vintage classic, or even managing a fleet of company cars in Sioux City, Iowa. At our highly reputable auto detailing and ceramic coating establishment, we take pride in offering Owners Pride Ceramic coatings, based out of Omaha, complete with a unique third-party nationally backed warranty, delivering unparalleled peace of mind.

The word "Ceramic" used for many detailing products lately. What's the difference? All products have some base of SI02 or Silicon dioxide. The difference is that most sprays or other products have lower amounts. True coatings have higher amounts and come in 1-2oz. glass bottles. If left, it would crystalize when open, while the other products can still be used months later. Coatings have a higher concentration, which gives...

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Getting your vehicle detailed is an excellent part of routine maintenance. It may not seem as crucial as other car maintenance parts, like changing your oil. But getting it done regularly, whether by a professional or DIY, is another easy way to maintain a great vehicle.

1. Preserve Your Car's Value

One of the primary reasons to invest in regular auto detailing is to preserve your car's value. When you keep your vehicle in pristine condition, it maintains a higher resale value. From - "Used-car sellers can expect upwards of a 200% return on investment by cleaning their car before trading or selling their ride." This can take a car from "Fair" condition to "Excellent" on Kelly Blue Books. Also, finding a professional detailer whose services report to Carfax is a great way to prove that the car was cared for.

2. Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal

Regular detailing...

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We are proud to announce we at Strong Auto Detail have been selected to be 1 out of only 40 ceramic coating installers nationwide to be allowed to install this Brand New Top Teir dual layer coating!! This will be our new Premium coating that we will have exusally access to!

Dual Layer

This is a dual-layer coating, meaning it is a two-part system that needs to be layered in a certain way to get complete protection. This allows the coating to last longer and provides better protection properties.

Self Healing

This is a one-of-a-kind in the paint protection field. Now, What does “self-healing” mean?

It is a heat-activated healing for minor wash marring. Most paint defects are what we call marring. Which is like a regular scratch but on a minor level. And most of these come from improper washing & drying. If this coating gets some minor marring into the coating that did not go into the clear coat, it can be left in the sun on a warm day, and the heat will flatten out the marring. So this is perfect...


Paint protection is very important to keep your vehicle's finish's value and overall look. Why is that? It's important because, in some cases, it can cost more to repaint a car than get a whole new engine. Also, the amount of clear coat is getting thinner and thinner over the years on brand-new vehicles fresh out of the factory. So getting the best protection you can ahead of time makes one's car look even better and gives the best protection and chance of longevity. There are also different forms of protection on the market to achieve it. Two of the best of the best one can get are PPF or a ceramic coating.

Paint protection film (PPF) and ceramic coatings are aftermarket products that can be applied to a vehicle's paint to protect it from various forms of damage.

PPF, also known as clear bra, is a transparent, thin film applied to a vehicle's painted surface. It is typically made from thermoplastic urethane and is designed to protect the paint from scratches, chips, and other types of damage caused by road debris and other environmental factors. PPF can be applied to...

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Paint decontamination is the process of removing contaminants from the surface of a vehicle's paint. These contaminants include tar, tree sap, bird droppings, and industrial fallout. Decontamination can be done using various methods, such as washing the car with special detergents, using clay bars, or applying chemical cleaners.

Clay bar treatment is one method of paint decontamination. It involves using a clay bar, a malleable bar made of a clay-like material, to remove contaminants from the paint's surface gently. Synthetic clay towels or mitts can also be used and can be used more times before replacing, unlike clay bars. The clay bar is lubricated with a special spray or solution (such as quick detailer, spray wax, rinseless wash like Eco Wash, and more) and is worked over the paint's surface using a back-and-forth motion. As the clay bar moves over the paint, it picks up contaminants, leaving the surface smooth and clean. It's important not to add too much pressure during this as it can easily add marring to the paint's surface.

Claying a car is generally...


Winter time for many is when they will push off cleaning their vehicle. But this may not be what is best for maintaining its condition. Detailing your car during the winter months can provide several benefits.

First, regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent damage caused by road salt and other de-icing chemicals. These substances can eat away at the paint and metal of your car, causing rust and other forms of corrosion. By washing your car regularly during the winter, you can remove these harmful substances and help protect your vehicle from damage. During summer, the busy season for auto detailing, there are generally fewer elements attacking car paint and other surfaces.

Second, detailing your car during the winter can help improve visibility. Snow and ice can accumulate on your vehicle's windows, mirrors, and lights, making it difficult to see while driving. A thorough detailing will remove these obstructions and help ensure a clear view of the road. Also, they can apply some glass protection to make rain, snow, and ice easier to clean and clear off...


Having a brand new car, most people would think it would be silly to detail it. And to some degree, you are right, but there are reasons one should consider it. There are several reasons why you might want to detail a new car:

Protect your investment: A new car is a significant investment, and detailing it can help to protect that investment. Detailing can help to remove any contaminants that may have accumulated during the manufacturing, transportation process, and waiting on the car lot. It can also help to protect your car's finish from the elements. Stuff like Coatings or PPF (paint protection film) are great options for long-term protection.

Improve appearance: Even though a new car is, well, new, it may not be as clean and shiny as you'd like. There is a reason after getting one's own vehicle detail, they will sometimes say it "Looks Better Than New!" A detailing service can help to remove any blemishes and make your new car look its best. Some dealerships may only do "quick washes," which may include methods that could induce...


Paint correction and polishing are techniques to restore the shine and gloss of a vehicle's paint. The process involves using specialized tools and products to remove imperfections such as scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation. This process can also go by many different names. Buff, buffing, paint enhancement, paint correction, and polishing are some of the most common words people call this process. Buffing may be more of an old-school term for enhancing the paint's shine, but it is also used more when waxes have to be rubbed on and off by hand.

The process begins with a thorough wash and drying of the vehicle. Next, a clay bar treatment removes any contaminants embedded in the paint. After that, progressively finer grit polishes remove imperfections and restore the paint's shine.

Paint correction can be done by hand or machine, such as a dual-action(Also called a D.A. polisher), rotary polisher, or orbital polisher. It requires a certain level of skill and experience to get the best results, as using the wrong technique or too much pressure can cause damage to the...

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Auto detailing is an excellent service to have as part of regularly maintaining one's car. Some may be surprised to think getting your car professionally detailed is something you must drop your vehicle off at to get done. But the good news is in many cities and areas; some can come to you! Here we will discuss the pros and cons of each if you have the option and concerting which one to go with.

Mobile Auto Detailing

The biggest pro is the convenience of having someone come to you to detail your vehicle. This way, you don't have to worry about dropping off or picking it up during business hours and catching a ride from someone else. So if you work from home, have to watch kids, and can't physically drive for one reason or another. We have been mobile for over four years as of this writing, and people love it at their home or their place of work. Another pro is it is still a professional service in most cases. Interior detailing and most of our exterior can still be done mobile. We even offer ceramic coatings, although this is limited. If mobile...


For a good reason, ceramic coatings have taken over the auto detailing industry in the last decade. They have become an excellent method of protecting our vehicle's paint, but does that mean they are right for you?

There are many forms of paint protection on the market, from wax to paint sealant, ceramic coatings, graphene coating, PPF(paint Protection Film), Teflon coatings, and more. They each have their own set of Pros & Cons; here, we will discuss some of the cons to think about before buying a ceramic coating.


The most significant pain in getting a ceramic coating for most people is the price. Although some do have an entry-level offer, and we do as well, most places getting a ceramic coating can easily be well over 1k, depending on how much paint correction and which coating you go with. Regarding overall vehicle protection and maintenance, this can be a small price when you look at the overall cost of the vehicle and repairs down the line. Protecting the paint is essential, just like caring for the engine. Depending...

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The world and scope of auto detailing has a wide range of services, offerings, and price options to go with them. Knowing how much a detail should cost can be quite hard when every place you call may have different price ranges. In this article, I will go over the average price ranges, the different reasons that may affect cost, and some things to look for before booking your next appointment.

What is and Goes Into a Detail?

One thing we've noticed is what peoples expect or think goes into a detail is a wide range. Some will think a simple 5 minute wash at your local automictic tunnel with a quick vacuum that takes quarters, is a detail, while others except a machine polisher and industrial carpet extractor is a such. Neither is wrong, as long as it fits their needs and gives them their desired results. This is what we call Level of Service. We can do a detail and be done in 2 hours, or may need the vehicle for 2 days or more to finish. (Sometimes longer) Most will take 3-6 hours on average. Understanding what needs done and how long it would...

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Besides price, how long one might be without their vehicle has to be the second biggest concern people have when getting their cars detailed. Now, if you have more than one vehicle and can get around quickly, this will be a non-issue. But for many people, being without even the option of hopping in their car can be a hassle. So here is a short article on how different extended services can take, on average.

One option to help is having a mobile detailer come out vs. dropping off at a shop. You don't have to worry about the drop-off and pick-up. Some shops even offer a ride or courtesy vehicle or will pay for an Uber or Lyft to make it more convenient.

Factors that Determined Time

Four main factors will determine how long a particular job will take. One is how big your vehicle is. A lifted Ford F350 will take longer than a Toyota Prius. The second factor is the condition. If your car has had two kids and a dog in for a month-long road trip, it will be a lot dirtier than a car that a single grandma takes to church on Sunday only. The third...


Most leather seats are not "real leather" but coated. You can think of the coating as a clear coat of paint. So when it comes to cleaning, it is the same as hard plastics for the most part, except for leather like the Ford's King Ranch seats, which is real.

In most cases, since the leather or vinyl is coated, we are cleaning and caring for that coating itself. It is still essential to take care of and help our seats last for years to come!

Cleaning Leather

1)Find a suitable leather cleaner or APC. Even though our seats are not genuine leather, the excellent thing about leather cleaners is they can be more gentle. This is important since the seats will get more wear than most other car parts due to us sitting and moving on them. If using an APC or all-purpose cleaner, use one meant for cars, and be sure to dilute it properly. Another good choice is using an automotive interior cleaner like Owners Pride Spiffy. These, just like leather cleaners, are more gentle for various surfaces. You may use an APC, but we recommend using a mild cleaner...

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Some may think detailing a car before selling is not worth it, but we disagree. Detailing, inside and out, can help increase the value more than the detailed cost. Just like making minor repairs to a vehicle can increase the trade-in, so can detailing. The most important is having a properly working engine. Still, the appearance can help push a car up from fair to good or excellent.

An appropriately detailed vehicle shows it was taken care of and is more likely to last than an uncared one. And in our mind, it will last longer than an uncared one.

From - "Used-car sellers can expect upwards of a 200% return on investment by cleaning their car before trading or selling their ride." Depending on the condition before the detail, people can see a 3-12% increase in the asking price. The above photo shows the difference in the state alone in what one can get for a trade-in from Kelly Blue Book.



Cars can stink. Cigarette or weed smoke, dog odors, old food, or other smells can make riding in your car unbearable. Luckily most of these are fully removable! In this article, I will go over the methods we use as a professional detailing business, the things to look for, and some DIY techniques.

Level of odor

Whenever I have someone reach out about odor removal, one thing I ask is how “bad” or how “thick or heavy” the smell is. I ask because not all smells need the same treatment. If the odor is “not too bad,” it can be removed by cleaning it thoroughly. But if the aroma is heavier, some other steps may be needed to remove the smell thoroughly.

Scrub and go over everything

One of the most significant differences between ordinary interior detailing and when a strong odor is in the car is that everything needs to be cleaned. This seems like it should be included in both, which is true, but we mean that for odor, every surface needs to be scrubbed clean, even if it “looks” clean. During typical detailing, once...

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Windows! It can be challenging and annoying when cleaning and getting a pure, 100% streak-free view. Even among other detailers, it can be our most hated part for the same reason. But we do have our tricks to help clear them up.

Pre-Clean the Glass

This might sound weird or odd, but one of the main reasons people have issues with glass is that it is dirtier than glass cleaners can handle. This can be done with ordinary soap and water, a rinesless wash, or a damp rag with a tiny all-purpose cleaner sprayed on the towel. Glass cleaners are suitable for routine cleaning. Think of them as glass finishers or last-step products.

Stay out of the sun

It's best to clean windows from direct sunlight even if it is not hot. That's because the cleaning solution will dry up if the glass is warm. This will cause streaks before you can wipe it up. Although, as a mobile detailer, this is not always an option.

The 2 Towel Method

Whether you're using microfiber towels or paper towels, it's...

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There are many ways to wash a car. Some will debate what you should and shouldn't do while washing your vehicle. So here I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of tunnel automatic car washes.

Types of Tunnels Washes

Two primary types of automatic car washes are Brush/touch and Touchless car washes. These are the giant spinning brushes you see above and on both sides of the vehicle as it goes by. They spin with soap and water to remove the dirt from the car's paint. Touchless doesn't use the brushes, just high psi water to blow off the dirt with the soap.

Pro to Automatic Car Washes

The biggest reason someone uses these is they are convenient. In most cases, it will be less than 5mins, or maybe 15 if there is a line, and your car will be washed. These are also cheap compared to most detail centers or services, costing up to $100 for a basic wash. The busiest time you'll see at these places are nice, sunny days after winter. However, the best reason, in my opinion, to use one is to get the salt off your...

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Having crystal clear headlights looks good and is one of the vehicles' most significant safety points. Having foggy or yellow headlights can "Reduce visibility by 80 percent," according to AAA. Most headlights fade around five years but can start as early as three years old. All headlights have a UV protective coating or clear coat on top of them that help prolong the look and visibility of the lenses.

Why They Fade

The main reason is UV exposure from the sun. Road debris flying up from cars in front of us and hitting the lenses can cause minor chips in the clear coat & damage the protective coating even faster. This degrades the UV protective coating even more.

Luckily a Fixable Issue (In Most Cases)

Whether you are a DIYer or want to go to (or have come to you) a professional and have them done: here is a video, blog post, and kit I recommend...

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Today I'll explain what a glass coating/protection is, the benefits, the difference, the preparation process, the one I use, and why I think it is the current best option!

Glass coatings are the next evolution in glass protection. Like Ceramic or Graphene coatings for our vehicle's paint, glass coatings offer more protection from the elements and bead up for easier cleaning. There are a few different options on the market that have various benefits for our glass.

Old School Wax(But still Works)

One type of protection we have is using the same wax you use on the rest of the car. Whether it is a carnauba or synthetic polymer wax, they can go on the glass too!

Type of Glass Coatings

There are deviated glass coatings and sealants made to bond to glass surfaces. Another popular option is taking any ceramic coating; if you're already coating your paint, it can also go on the glass!

The benefit of using one designed for glass is that they typically last...

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We are excited to announce we are expanding our ceramic coating options!

We have been using Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating for our 1 year and 7-year coating. Now we are offing a 3 year coating and 5 year coating!

What makes OP coatings stand out compared to others on the market?

The biggest difference is when Owner’s Pride Coating comes with the only legally complaint third-party warranty! So if you need to make a claim, you just call a 1-800 number and they will pay to get it fixed. Most warranties are only good through whoever applied the coating. So if something happens to them, the warranty is worthless. With Owner’s Pride, if something happens to us at Strong Auto Detail, or you or I move, Your Still Covered in all of the US and Canada.

The warranty is also transferable to the next owner! If you sell your vehicle, the rest of the warranty period can be transferred to the buyer (with a small fee on them). Along with the warranty, you still get the great protection that comes with a ceramic coating!!

Our 1,3,5, & 7 year protects from, UV ray...

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Now that you have the best protection applied to your vehicle, how do you take care of it? One of the best benefits of a coated vehicle is that it is easier to wash by making the paint release the dirt. The high chemical resistance of a coating means washing with car soap won't break down the coating as if it was a wax over time. So even when the paint is dirty, it will still look cleaner compared to non-coated cars. Still, it must be washed regularly to get the most out of it.

Sioux City gets All The Weather.

One thing about living in Sioux City is we know we get ALL THE WEATHER. I have detailed cars on 100-degree days, as well as in near-freezing temps and every weather situation. But the great thing with my chosen wash method is it can fit your situation!

The Wash Methods

There are many different wash methods: The two bucket method, the multiple towel/mitt method, rinseless wash, waterless wash, foam cannon, and many more. Each method has its merits, and if you ask any detailer, there are pros and cons...

Mobile auto detailing

There are many ways to protect the finish of the exterior of your vehicle. When detailing our cars, it's time to protect the finish after we clean them up and make them look good. Paint protection technology has gotten better over the years. Here are the three main types and their differences.


  • Traditional
  • Deeper Color & Glow

If it ant broke, don't fix it. True. Waxes have been around for decades. They have been one of the original wax to protect your car's paint. Today we have two main types of waxes, carnauba and synthetic. Carnauba gives that great deep glow and is the original style that your grandad used. The downside is it breaks down within 3-months, or in summer, during high heat, it can break down even faster. Synthetic is manufactured that can last a little longer in heat and might be easier to wipe off.

The downside is most need to be re-applied about four times a year. Most of them can stain trim, causing it to turn chalky white. The amount of protection is minimal now compared to what is...

Ceramic Coating in Sioux City

What is a Ceramic Coating?

A simplified answer is a semi-permanent layer that cures on the car's clear coat. It's like wax on legal steroids. Coatings provide extreme UV and Chemical resistance. It's Silica or a polymer suspended in a liquid that is applied to the paint that then bonds or cures but does not sit on top. There are two main types of coatings: Silica Carbide and Silicon Dioxide. The following benefits will show how having one can help protect your investment, whether you're looking to sell in a few years with a higher value or enjoy having a well-maintained vehicle.

Coatings are applied after paint correction has been performed to remove some defects and improve paint bonding.

Protection from the Sun

Coatings give extreme protection from harmful UV rays, which cause oxidations to the paint, trim, and headlights. Most waxes don't and...


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