Exterior Detailing Services

*the final price is based on the size and condition of the vehicle*

Exterior Car Detailing

Our Exterior car detailing services are more than just a car wash. We go steps beyond your average drive thought for even our basic clean. We also offer options that will remove brake dust and rail dust, also seen as those little orange/rust-looking spots all over your paint. Those rust spots are removable and should be yearly. We also offer paint polishing, paint correction, or "buffing," which will remove oxidation, swirl marks, paint transfer, and light scratches! Afterward, look into our excellent paint protection/ceramic coating options!

Exterior Detail Packages

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Opener Package

  • Hand wash and dry with High quality microfiber towels
  • Wheel faces and tires cleaned
  • Wheel Wells cleaned
  • Bugs removed
  • UV protective wax applied to paint and glass (up to 3 months protection)
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Tire and Trim dressed

Starting At $85



  • Opener Package Plus...
  • Door jambs cleaned and waxed
  • Tar removal
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Wheel barrels
  • Iron removal
  • Mineral remover (Light water spots Removal)

Gets the paint Cleaner and Smoother before the protection is applied!! Better appearance and performance from the wax or sealant!

Starting At $175

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  • Feature Package Plus...
  • 1-step machine polish (Gloss Enhancement): Removes up to 50% of swirl marks and oxidation and adds more gloss to the paint (perfect for daily drivers)
  • High-quality SIO2 Sealant for better gloss, slickness, and protection for up to 8 months

Starting At $425

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Headliner Plus

  • Feature Package Plus...
  • 2-Step paint compound and polish to remove deeper defects and oxidation
  • Removes 70-90% of paint defects
  • High-quality SIO2 Sealant for better gloss, slickness, and protection for up to 8 months

Starting At $675

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SI02 Ceramic Sealant

Great Upgrade from a Wax to provide longer, better shine, & protection!!

  • Provides 6-8-month protection
  • It gives great gloss and slickness
  • Gives UV protection
  • Comes with Headliner Exterior Package

Starting at $40

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Get the Best Protection from UV rays, Chemicals, Bugs, bird droppings, and more!

We have a variety of coatings for protection, based on budget, wants, longevity, and features, and 1 is also backed by a Legally Complaint Warranty. Only one in the U.S.

Make vehicle easier to wash and maintain.

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