Ceramic Coatings

*the final price is based on the size and condition of the vehicle*

Ceramic Coating-Sioux Citys Best in Paint Protection

Flimsy wax coats have been the only way to protect car paint for decades. Ceramic coatings are changing all that. This incredible technology delivers a waterproof, glossy layer that sheds water, dirt and provides long-term UV protection. Gone are the days of repetitive waxing — you can keep your vehicle looking gorgeous with minimum effort. Coatings bond to your paint's clear coat, not just sit on top, to last for years, not months. Coatings protect from bird droppings, tree sap, tar, winter road salt, acid rain, bug guts, and UV ray sun fading. The number one benefit people love is that their coated cars are easier to wash and look cleaner longer in-between washes. Ceramic coatings are one of the best forms of paint protection one can apply to their vehicle's surfaces. It is best to apply to a brand-new vehicle for maximum protection, but they can be applied to any vehicle age.

Authorized & trained Owners Pride® Installers

We're delighted to offer the best ceramic coating in the world. During your appointment, we will:

  • Multi-step hand-wash your vehicle

  • Remove stubborn contaminants like bugs, tar, and tree sap

  • Remove and correct swirl marks, oxidation, faded paint, and minor scratches

  • Apply ceramic coating to the exterior paint & headlights

  • Clean the windows

Our service includes a minimum 1-step paint enhancement polish(Or quick buff). Excluding our "Level 1 Ceramic Coating Package." This removes light paint defects, including swirls, minor scratches, and oxidation, to boost the overall look and gloss of the paint. We offer several options to fit you, your budget, and your vehicle's needs. We also provide Coating options for your glass, trim, wheel faces, door jams, and interior surfaces well!

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Ceramic Coating

White Chevy Silverado after being detailed & ceramic coated

Level 1 Ceramic Coating

This package is a perfect first step in the world of ceramic coatings! This allows you to dip your toes without making a big commitment! We thoroughly hand wash the vechile, then a Muilt-stage decontamination to remove brake dust, light water spots and other contaminants from the surface, and prep the paint for our Strong Ceramic Coating!

  • Great Gloss and Slickness
  • UV Protection
  • Chemical resistance
  • Easier to Wash
  • 2-3 year longevity based on care
  • Prefect for first people who want to test out ceramic coatings

Starting $499

White Bronco Polished & Ceramic Coated.jpg

Level 2 Ceramic Coating

  • Great Shine and Slickness
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Great UV protection
  • Great water & dirt repellency
  • Up-to 3 years based on care
  • Easier To Wash
  • Perfect for people who switch cars every few years
  • Prefect for first people who want to test out ceramic coatings
  • Applied to Paint, trim, headlights & taillights.

$699 and up(With light Polish 20-35%)

$799 and up(With 1-step Polish 50%)


Level 3 Ceramic Coating

*Most Popular*

  • Superior Gloss and Slickness
  • Superior Chemical resistance from winter road salt, tar, tree sap, bird poop, bug guts
  • Superior UV Protection
  • Resistance from harsh automatic car wash soaps
  • Last 5 Plus years with proper Care
  • Amazing water beading
  • Applied to the paint, Trim, & Lights

$999 and up(With light paint enhancement polish 20-35% defect removal)

$1299 and up(With 1-step Polish 50-70% defect removal)

Windshield Coating

Windshield Coating

  • Strengths the glass by 30%
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Warranty can pay for rock multiple chip repairs, or even replacement & calibration of the windshield
  • It makes the water bead right off and not stick to the glass, blocking your view.
  • It makes glass easier to clean
  • Increased visibility during inclement conditions

See the 3-year Warranty Here

Without the Warranty

$125 Windshield only

$200 Windshield, Side glass, Rear glass

Staring at $399-509* (3-year)

*Price higher for Luxury vehicles or ones that cost over $100,000

Interior Coating

Interior Coating

Help Keep Your vehicle looking and feeling New for years with some Amazing Protection! This will not only help to clean up the vehicle in the future but will last for years. Best for Brand new vehicles

  • Protects fabrics from food & drink stains, juice, bleach, winter road salt, dyes, UV rays, mold, mildew, discoloration, rips less than 1 inch, and burns less than 1/4 in diameter.
  • Protects leather and vinyl against fading, discoloration cracking of dash, rips & tears of less than 1inch
  • Legally Backed third-party warranty, Only one in the U.S.


Click here to Read the Owners Pride Interior Coating Warranty

Preparing this big truck for some Ceramic Protection!

Here we prepped, polish, and protected this big truck with our top offering Ceramic Coating offering!!!

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Protect Your Investment

Unlike any other coating, our top-of-the-line Ceramic Coating will protect your vehicle and you. Owners Pride Ceramic Coating will appear on your car's Carfax report, but we also offer the only Legally compliant warranty in the car care aftermarket industry. We strive to provide the best in paint protection, glass protection, leather protection, carpet protection & upholstery protection. Cars and other automobiles are the 2nd most expansive purchase most people make in their lives. Why not get the best protection one can to keep them looking and preforming their best. A ceramic coating can also help keep the value up when re-selling the vehicle even years later.

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