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Our New Owners Pride Select 9-Year Self-Healing Coating!

We are proud to announce we at Strong Auto Detail have been selected to be 1 out of only 40 ceramic coating installers nationwide to be allowed to install this Brand New Top Teir dual layer coating!! This will be our new Premium coating that we will have exusally access to!

Dual Layer

This is a dual-layer coating, meaning it is a two-part system that needs to be layered in a certain way to get complete protection. This allows the coating to last longer and provides better protection properties.

Self Healing

This is a one-of-a-kind in the paint protection field. Now, What does “self-healing” mean?

It is a heat-activated healing for minor wash marring. Most paint defects are what we call marring. Which is like a regular scratch but on a minor level. And most of these come from improper washing & drying. If this coating gets some minor marring into the coating that did not go into the clear coat, it can be left in the sun on a warm day, and the heat will flatten out the marring. So this is perfect for removing some of those wash marring marks to help keep the lawless look longer!

Shine & Gloss

One of the reasons people love ceramic coatings is the fantastic shine & gloss they add to our paint. Even brand-new cars will shine more with a high-quality coating. Like the other Owner Pride Coatings, the Select 9-Year coating gives some excellent Shine that Last!

Warranty & Carfax

This Warranty is different than most in the industry. This one does not require year maintenance to keep. Most require you to come back every 6-12 months and pay for a maintenance detail to stay compliant. They will also say you are "Not" allowed to use automatic car washes. However, if you want to keep any form of paint protection at its Peak performance as long as possible, those are good aftercare practices. But you can't be forced to do so to stay under warranty. Ours is a Third Party Back, so you're still covered even if you or I move! Some still can cancel it, like you can't take sandpaper to your paint and then make a claim. You can read the Full Warranty Here. Plus, it will appear on your Carfax Report! Your Carfax will help show your vehicle has been taken care of, which can help increase the re-sell value along with the appearance of the vehicle staying in a like-new condition vs. other vehicles the same year.

Easier Washing

Having a high-quality coating, one of people's favorite benefits is how much easier it is to care for. People can wash their cars in less time. And you will notice it looks cleaner longer in between washes. Even now, our vehicles will look less dirty and shinier than other cars on the block where I live, even if I haven't washed them in weeks.

So, if you want to get one of the Best In the Industry Coatings for Paint Protection, fill out our form below or message us today!