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How to wash your Ceramic Coated Vehicle

Now that you have the best protection applied to your vehicle, how do you take care of it? One of the best benefits of a coated vehicle is that it is easier to wash by making the paint release the dirt. The high chemical resistance of a coating means washing with car soap won't break down the coating as if it was a wax over time. So even when the paint is dirty, it will still look cleaner compared to non-coated cars. Still, it must be washed regularly to get the most out of it.

Sioux City gets All The Weather.

One thing about living in Sioux City is we know we get ALL THE WEATHER. I have detailed cars on 100-degree days, as well as in near-freezing temps and every weather situation. But the great thing with my chosen wash method is it can fit your situation!

The Wash Methods

There are many different wash methods: The two bucket method, the multiple towel/mitt method, rinseless wash, waterless wash, foam cannon, and many more. Each method has its merits, and if you ask any detailer, there are pros and cons to each, and it is a never-ending debate. The best approach is the one YOU prefer or fits your situation. Factors that come into play are: do you have access to free-flowing water? How dirty is the vehicle? What is the temperature outside? Are you in a garage, driveway, parking lot, etc.?

My Wash Method

I will link my video showing me washing my vehicle using the rinseless wash method, which is my preferred method. I use a rinseless wash using

  • Owners Pride Eco Wash(1/4oz or 1 cap full per gallon of water),
  • Owners Pride Ceramic Plus as my drying aid.
  • For the tires, I use Owners Pride Grime(diluted to 15:1)

My tools are

  • 1 bucket,
  • a girt guard, and my sponge,
  • 1 or 2 pump sprayers,
  • 1 stiff tire brush(Optional),
  • 1 softer wheel(and tire) brush,
  • 1 drying towel,
  • 1 optional secondary towel.
  1. Spray Wheel and tires with APC(All-Purpose Cleaner) of choice.

    a. Scrub the tire & wheel with a brush, and wheel well if you can reach it.

  2. b. Rinse wheel & tire. Repeat the other three tires.
  3. Pre-rinse the whole vehicle. (Optional)
  4. Pre-spray soap solution on to vehicle(Optional although recommend. Same dilution as the wash bucket)
  5. Start from the top of the vehicle, wipe back and forth with your sponge, and flip it over as it gets dirty. Make sure only to use light pressure!
  6. Once both sides are dirty, dip into your wash bucket, and squeeze out a few times.
  7. Continue your way around the vehicle, working panel by panel.
  8. Note, to help reduce marring the paint, Use light pressure when wiping a panel, it may not pick up 100% of the dirt the first time, but you can go over that panel again.
  9. If able to, rinse one last time(optional)
  10. Spray 1 small sprit of OP Ceramic + drying aid on a panel,
  11. Place drying towel on top of it, and dry the vehicle. (Don't use too much; a little goes a long way!)
  12. Dress tires & trim(if desired) with something like OP Tire shine.
  13. Touch up windows and any drips(From mirrors or door handles, etc.)
  14. Enjoy the Results!!!

And that's it! Washing your car should be an enjoyable time that does not take long at all. You will notice that I put 3 steps as optional. I do that to show you where you can pick and choose based on your situation what is best. Is it Scorching out, like 90 plus, or really cold and nearly freezing? Do you have a hose, or are you in your garage? Or in an apartment parking lot? Or hate wasting extra water when you don't have to? Then this method can still work for you! The one crucial factor to note is if the vehicle is filthy, then a pre-rinse is still recommended to reduce marring the paint. If you don't have access to a hose, then your favorite local pay and spray car wash is a perfect place. Pay the minimal amount, do your pre-rinse there, drive home, and continue the wash. Or you can pre-wash your car and apply your coating all at the car wash, as I do in the video. Just scrub your wheels and tires first, then rinse them and the vehicle. Then do the rest of your wash process.

I hope this helps & let me know if you have any questions!

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