Interior Detailing Services

*the final price is based on the size and condition of the vehicle*

Interior Detail Packages

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Interior Protection Level 1

More then just an interior Dressing!

Gives Good UV Protection to the dash, center consul, door panels and leather seats.(Sunblock for your cars interior)

Gives more of a brand new OEM finish.

Has antistatic properties so it wont "attract" dust.

Carpet and upholstery protector.

Exceptional oil, water, and alcohol repellency and stain releasing properties.

Starting $49.99

OP 7-year Interior Coating

Interior Protection 2/ Interior Coating

Help Keep Your vehicle looking and feeling New for years with some Amazing Protection! This will not only help to clean up the vehicle in the future but will last for years. Best for Brand new vehicles

  • Protects fabrics from food & drink stains, juice, bleach, winter road salt, dyes, UV rays, mold, mildew, discoloration, and rips less then 1-inch, and burns less then 1/4 diameter.
  • Protects leather and vinyl against fading, discoloration cracking of dash, rips & tears of less then 1inch
  • Legally Backed third party warranty, Only one in U.S.


Click here to Read the Owners Pride Interior Coating Warranty

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For light vehicles that want a quick wipe down to freshen up

  • Quick Vacuum
  • Wiped down of all interior surfaces
  • Windows cleaned

Starting At

Sedans $70

SUVs $85

3rd Rows/Vans $100

Final Price Based on Condition



This is for light to moderately dirty vehicles, that don't need shampooing, but still need extra attention on the hard surfaces

  • Wiped down and scrub of all interior surfaces, including dash, vents, cup holders, and door panels
  • Windows cleaned
  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Hard surfaces are thoroughly scrubbed
  • Interior Windows cleaned

Starting At

Sedans $165

SUVs $185

3rd Rows/Vans $200

Final Price Based on Condition

Sioux City Auto Detailing 6.jpg


This is for moderately to heavily dirty vehicles that want a "Full Interior"

  • Feature Package Plus...
  • Carpet and upholstery shampoo/steam clean
  • Headliner cleaned
  • Hard surfaces are dress to improve the look(Except Steering wheel and pedals)
  • Carpets and seats are left neutralizes to reduce residue and reduce resoling

Starting At

Sedans $225

SUVs $240

3rd Rows/Vans $250

Final Price Based on Condition


Excessive Pet Hair Removal

For Vehicles that have a lot of pet hair an added fee of $65 or more will be added for the additional time pet hair adds to a service.

Vehicles add about an extra 1-3 hours to the time.


Ozone Treatment/Smoke Odor Removal

This is for car with a heavier smoke odor or other odors that a normal detail wont get rid of by itself.

  • Get rid of heavy smoke Odor Removal with an Ozone treatment.
  • Ozone or O3 also kills bacteria and viruses
  • 40 min treatment for most vehicles.

    *Interior should be detailed and shampooed to help insure full smoke odor removal

Add on $65

What is a Mobile Service?

It means we come to your home or work

No waiting in a waiting room, No Drop off

Still professional results

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