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Tip on How to clean your cars WindowsFor a Streak Free view

Windows! It can be challenging and annoying when cleaning and getting a pure, 100% streak-free view. Even among other detailers, it can be our most hated part for the same reason. But we do have our tricks to help clear them up.

Pre-Clean the Glass

This might sound weird or odd, but one of the main reasons people have issues with glass is that it is dirtier than glass cleaners can handle. This can be done with ordinary soap and water, a rinesless wash, or a damp rag with a tiny all-purpose cleaner sprayed on the towel. Glass cleaners are suitable for routine cleaning. Think of them as glass finishers or last-step products.

Stay out of the sun

It's best to clean windows from direct sunlight even if it is not hot. That's because the cleaning solution will dry up if the glass is warm. This will cause streaks before you can wipe it up. Although, as a mobile detailer, this is not always an option.

The 2 Towel Method

Whether you're using microfiber towels or paper towels, it's best to use at least two towels. The first towel is your wet towel that does the cleaning itself. The second is your dry towel. This will help buff out any streaks. But once your second towel gets slightly wet, use a different clean, dry towel. Or, if you have a decent microfiber towel, fold it into 4ths, and flip it from side to side.

Wipe Different Ways

One cool trick is to clean one side of the window from side to side and the other up and down. This way, if you get streaks, you'll know which side it is! No more guessing.

Turn On The A/C

One trick I use for the windshield during summer is turning on the a/c. I will turn it on and have it face the windshield. I'll wait 5-10 mins, then turn it off and clean the windshield. This will cool off the glass giving me more time before the solution dries.

Box Method

The box method is where you start on the edge of the glass and move along the edges first. Once you have returned to your starting point, use the above method and work in one direction on the rest of the glass.

Use A Good Glass Cleaner

One of our favorite glass cleaners is Owners Pride Glass. Other good options are invisible glass or even isopropyl alcohol.

I hope these tips can help the next time you need to clean your car's windows!

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