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What is a Glass Coating/Glass protection?

Today I'll explain what a glass coating/protection is, the benefits, the difference, the preparation process, the one I use, and why I think it is the current best option!

Glass coatings are the next evolution in glass protection. Like Ceramic or Graphene coatings for our vehicle's paint, glass coatings offer more protection from the elements and bead up for easier cleaning. There are a few different options on the market that have various benefits for our glass.

Old School Wax(But still Works)

One type of protection we have is using the same wax you use on the rest of the car. Whether it is a carnauba or synthetic polymer wax, they can go on the glass too!

Type of Glass Coatings

There are deviated glass coatings and sealants made to bond to glass surfaces. Another popular option is taking any ceramic coating; if you're already coating your paint, it can also go on the glass!

The benefit of using one designed for glass is that they typically last longer. A paint ceramic will generally last up to 1 year on glass(Windshield), even if it will last multiple on our clear coat.

For glass speciate coatings, they normally come in either 1 part or a 2 part system. It is a single chemical or two different ones that get applied in a specific order. There are many brands and options, so most of what I say is the "typical" information, as there will be more minor differences in each product. Some of these coatings can be bought and installed yourself, and a certified trained installer can only install some.

Benefits of Glass Coatings

The most significant selling point & the reason people love coating their glass makes the water/rain/snow/sleet fly off your windshield while driving, making it easier to see. This is helpful since water(rain)refracts light distorting our view and making it harder to judge the distance of what's in front of us. When the water beads up instead of laying flat, it gives more area of the glass that we can see through unimpaired. Also, those beads are more likely to fly off faster, clearing our view even more! This happens when driving around 30mph or faster. (Video at the bottom of the page)

The second benefit is it's easier to clean during washes. From everyday dirt, dust, & road grime to bug guts, it all cleans easier than if it wasn't coated!

Living in Sioux City, Ia, or the upper Midwest in general, we get All The Weather, so the benefits of a suitable coating happen year-round.

The Main Differences Between the Options

The most significant difference is the durability.

Wax will have the shortest life span before breaking down. Carnauba will break down quickly, just on a somewhat hot summer day.

Paint sealants will, on average last up to 6 months.

Ceramic coatings(for paint) will, on average last 1 year.

Glass design coatings can last from 1-3 years on average.

NOTE* These are on average numbers. The longevity is based on regular daily use. Factors like how much you drive and wiper use can affect it. The longevity will be different if you live in a rainy area vs. someone in the desert. Wiper use is the biggest factor when it comes to longevity.

Also, Coatings will be more robust at water beading and cleaning abilities of the glass vs. wax.

Prep Is Key

When installing any long-form protection, preparation is the biggest key to getting the most out of it! You'll want to get the glass as clean as possible, so there is nothing in-between the glass and the protection. (This applies to whatever you use, whether a wax, paint/glass sealant, or a coating)

The steps I do include:

  1. Wash the glass first
  2. Clay bar the glass
  3. Water spot/mineral remover
  4. Quick polish(Optional)
  5. Alcohol-based glass cleaner(Twice)

Then follow the directions of protection of choice.

My Favorite Glass Coating(And what I use & sell)!!!!!

I use Owners Pride Glass Coating and love it! Along with the easier visibility and cleaning abilities, this coating has a few benefits that others don't.

This is a two-part system that Strengthens the glass by 30%! This happens from their nanotube technology that fills the porous of the glass, so when a rock comes flying up, it spreads the impact zone out a bit, reducing the chances of getting a rock chip. Minimizing the chances of a chip reduces the chances of cracking your glass.

The other benefit is this coating comes with a 3 or 5-year warranty that covers rock chip repair or even replacement, including calibration for sensors in newer model cars! This warranty is the only Legally back third-party warranty on the secondary(Detailing) market.

You can read the full warranty Here: 3-Year Warranty or 5-Year warranty

If you like to get your windshield coated, click Here to request an appointment!

Let me know if you have any questions, and Enjoy the Results!

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Video of the Coaying in Action

Here is a YouTube short of the coating repelling the water after 4 months with no topper or anything added.